Getagged: Carven

From Milano to Paris..



Make yourself a Mary Poppins and grab your midi skirt from Carven, mix it with the funky leo blouse from by Malene Birger and throw over the comfy oversized coat from Iro. Be ready to take off with the tweed Kenzo boots and don’t forget to pull your umbrella out of the Jérôme Dreyfuss bag before the wind comes up!

Iro Coat: 799€, Carven skirt: 239€, by Malene Birger blouse 255€, Kenzo boots: 479€, Jérôme Dreyfuss bag: 999€


Lipstick red is our favorite color for this season. We are so in love, we even color our nails in the same shade. That is why we can’t resist the red fluffy jacket from Acne with its contrasting pink lining. Take your matching small Jérôme dreyfuss bag with a little mirror inside for correcting your red lipstick. The glossy look of the Acne jacket is a great complementary to the rough surface of the iro suede leather pants. Wear it with a chunky knit jumper from Isabel Marant Étoile and cute twinkle dancing shoes from Carven.

Acne Jacket: 480€, Isabel Marant Étoile 299€, Carven Boots: 525€, Iro suede pants: 699€, Jérome Dreyfuss Bag 409€