Hayashi goes China…

Das Shopper Magazine aus China liebt Hayashi und hat gleich eine Cover Story aus uns gemacht. Wir freuen uns! Damit ihr nicht nur Bildchen gucken müsst, findet Ihr untenstehend die Übersetzung. (Text: André Urban)

what make you want to start Hayashi in 2007?
I found out early that I wanted to have my own business. When I was studying fashion-management I began to see that only owning an independent store would fulfil my creative pretension and what I wanted to realize with my work in fashion.
-could you tell us who designed the logo of „Hayashi“, and the indoor space, especially the art works.
The logo was created by Eike König and his company “Hort” from Berlin.
Eike is a long-time contemporary with whom I’ve always shared taste and visual perception. We developed the overall spatial concept together whilst he finalised the large notable collages. And the property itself turned out to be a good chance in terms of style. I left some of the posh gallery interior that was there and crossed it with lots of plain white and the expressive graphics. For example the glamorous tapering staircase with brazen handrails was utterly there.
-what are your standard to select the brands and items now in your shop? could you tell us something about your background connected to fashion industry?
I studied fashion-management and I always loved art and design in general. I think that these two components are the main influences on my background. I can perceive fashion as a commodity with a certain demand – and I like to pull the marketing-communication triggers. Secondly I love to regard the wider formal context of my choice, fashion as an art form and further reaching self-expression in connection with our culture and environment. That is the design aspect. Both lead to a very definable range of designers and brands. I am always searching for design that has new ideas, a formal twist in cut, combination or fabric, able to transform the wearer but also to distinguish her clearer. Subtle, a smart wink or a little irritation embedded in an assured sense of style. Scandinavian design is very often in my sense.
how about the neighbourhood of the Hayashi?
Actually, the stock market, Börse Frankfurt, is my opposite neighbour and besides being amongst nice, stately buildings, the vivid inner city and financial business brings an international public. The surrounding high streets, like “Goethestrasse” and “Fressgass” host Frankfurt’s essential fashion and luxury shops – all in all very classical and Hayashi enjoys to be a bit of a wag amongst them.

-what are the average price for your items? any discount days during the years?
Prices are very different because we offer neat little accessories as well as sumptuous evening gowns. And yes, there are regular sales by the end of every season,  whose starting signal is always given via the Hayashi website.
-what are your marketing methods, besides „hayashi paper“ and fashion shows holding in your shop?
Basically the concept thrives on the never ending enthusiasm for fashion and the fun of spreading and sharing creative news and ideas. The customers appreciate that we take care and think ahead for them – authenticity meets attention. We often e-mail or call customers spontaneously, to say “Hey, there was just something arriving that you’d love..”
But mainly, it is our certain opinion and idea that we have of the fashion we provide.
We can inspire, infect and enlighten with that. Customers dare to be a bit new and different with us and from time to time we bear little stars…that’s were the name Hayashi comes from.
-could you tell us something about the last August fashion show of Acne, how it come true, it’s really good(the images).
Acne is one of Hayashi’s most important brands, not only in amount but much more in meaning. So we decided to stage this trunk show together, to give an even closer understanding and feeling for the collection and our fashion. The concept was classic – the models were in the shop using the staircase, whilst people were all over. There was great interaction, easiness and fun between the models and the audience.
It wasn’t the ex-cathedra teaching of a catwalk; it was much more personal and the people liked that a lot.

-if possible, could you tell us some of your favourite inspirations?

Everything inspires. From a broad interest in arts and design, watching zeitgeist as well as a commuting businessman who can’t handle his coat pockets. We all keep our eyes open and store it all in the right drawer. And happiness helps.
-could you give us your special recommendations of your brands‘ items? 6-8 items, with still images and intro words, to let readers to know intimately about your taste and your shop.
For this summer I’d say:
Focus on shoulders, fancy printed leggings, decorated blousons, Marine playsuits, big and flashy jewellery, heavy wedges, pleats, origami and always love for details.
-what are your future plans for Hayashi?
Living long and prosper. Staying adventurous. Keeping the faith.


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